A live preview of the Rapid Reports spreadsheet

A live preview of the Rapid Reports Action Point Generator

A light-weight and easy to use alternative to the full Rapid Reports spreadsheet. This is for the times when you just need one short paragraph summarising student performance - the perfect tool for relieving some of that mid-academic year workload. Best of all it is offered free! If you would like an action point generator contact me.

The amount of mid year clerical work being expected of teachers is increasing. Action points or other comments are required at multiple times throughout the year. Sadly they serve no real purpose other than to fill up databases. There is also sometimes a corresponding crack down on comments being copied and pasted by teachers. That is where this Action Point Generator comes in. You define some issues that students may have, a few similar action points corresponding to each issue and then assign an issue to each student with a drop down menu.

Please note that some preliminary work is required to set up student names and gender specific pronouns and then to write the action points. But the investment now will save time later.


  1. Drop down menu to select an issue for each student.
  2. Automatic insertion of each student's name and correct gender specific pronouns.
  3. Automatic variation of each student's action point where they have the same issue.
  4. Override for the automatic variation should you want to specify a particular action point.
  5. You have complete control over the issues you want to work with.
  6. You have complete control over the action points you want to assign to students.
  7. Much more robust than copying and pasting comments.
  8. Much easier and less tedious than copying and pasting comments.