iBooks Textbooks for A-Level physics

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Multitouch handbooks for physics available on iBooks

Interactive and media rich resources for students studying physics A-Level. The ideal aid to learning physics: a reference throughout your course and helpful revision resource in the run up to exams. They contain content adapted from OCR’s Physics A specification (H158 & H558) to provide an overview of the essential content for the whole course. Additionally there are sections on key graphs and practical applications of physics – with quality diagrams to illustrate. Perfect for any student taking OCR physics, but great for other exam boards too. The specification overviews are grouped according to OCR's assessed units for A-level Physics A (i.e. G481, G482, G483 etc). There are also sections on the mathematical requirements for the course, help with transposing equations and links to physics resources that encourage deeper independent learning (often beyond the scope of the A-Level) and foster a greater interest in physics.


  1. Essential content for the OCR Physics A course
  2. Built in glossary of key terms with links embedded into the content overviews
  3. Instant study cards based on the pre built glossary – plus any further notes you make
  4. Annotated graphs that you need to be familiar with
  5. Annotated diagrams of practical applications of physics relevant to each unit
  6. Links to interesting physics websites and videos to stretch your learning
  7. Hyperlinks between relevant content
  8. Help section for key mathematical concepts
  9. Review questions to check your understanding
  10. Short summaries of topics
  11. A timeline to set the history of physics in context

Intro video to the most interactive physics books on iBooks

The books are not endorsed by OCR. Some sections include OCR content which has been used with permission and remains © OCR 2013