Is this reporting system for you?
Why use this spreadsheet for your reports?
Does it work?
How easy is it to make error corrections?
In the event of a logic/formula error within the system please contact me. I will track down and squash the bug asap. Many have already been fixed.

Some common errors that occur are a result of missing out a square bracket around a pronoun/assessment title within comments. These can easily be corrected by going back to the pronoun definition / comment creation stage and correcting adding the missing bracket. Close
What makes me think I can do a better job than IT professionals?
Why use a spreadsheet and not a computer program or a database?
Errors are occurring in my reports, how do I correct them?
Help! Some parts of my comments in cells are obscured.
Will there be future innovation and updates?

Tutorial Videos

Video 1: Reference Sheet

Video 2: Comment Creation

Video 3: Assigning Levels

Video 4: Copy comments into report proforma