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Terms and Conditions

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System - Rapid Reports spreadsheets hosted on Google Drive (accessible by the link provided at the time of purchase).  Terms of use of Google Drive are available here:
User - the customer who bought a licence to use the System and who therefore has access to the System via the link sent by Rapid Reports.
User Content - any student reference data or comments data entered into the Rapid Reports spreadsheet by the User.  For the purposes of clarity this does not include any formulae necessary for the functioning of the System.  It does however include the final comments that are generated on the Copy From Here worksheet.
Spreadsheet formulae - any and all formulae necessary for the proper functioning of the System.

By using Rapid Reports you agree to these terms of use. These terms may be updated. It is unlikely they will change significantly. Please check from time to time, updates will be clearly marked and dated.

1. Rapid Reports and its employees or representatives (namely Dan Wilson) assume no liability for the loss or corruption of data as a result of the use or misuse of the System.  User agrees to use it at User’s own risk.  Google Drive™ will automatically save your work regularly.  However, the User is advised to also keep an up to date backup of User Content in case corruption of your working document should occur.  In order to make backups the User can copy User Content into an Excel (or other) spreadsheet stored on the User’s own computer (or other storage systems which User has control over).

2. Rapid Reports is not selling Google Spreadsheets, nor is it selling storage space in Google Drive; it is selling the use of Spreadsheet formulae in the System.

3. Rapid Reports uses Google Drive™ to host the System.  In order to access the System the User will need to ensure their web browser is compatible with Google Drive™.  The User agrees that Rapid Reports and its employees or representatives (namely Dan Wilson) are not liable for any failure of the System based on compatibility issues between the User’s web browser and Google Drive™.  The final comments may take a few minutes to be generated and displayed on the Copy From Here worksheet.  Close and reopen the spreadsheet after a few minutes to refresh the view.

4. User Content remains the intellectual property of the User.  The User agrees to the following use of User Content: When you input or otherwise submit content to the System, you give Rapid Reports (and those we work with) a worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works, communicate, publish and distribute the content) for the limited purposes of storing User Content in the System and for the necessary functioning of the System whilst this agreement is in place.  For the purposes of clarity the necessary functioning of the System is to produce the final report comments based on User Content.  This agreement shall remain in place until the User notifies Rapid Reports in writing that they wish the agreement to end.  Upon cessation of the agreement the User's copy of the System will be rendered inaccessible.  All User Content will be permanently erased from the System.  Some User Content may continue to be stored on Google's systems for a short time after this as per Google's terms and conditions (see above).  Rest assured that in that case all User Content will continue to be the intellectual property of the User and will be secure.

5. Downloads of the System are not supported.  Downloading will make a copy of User content that the User may use for personal backups but the System’s functionality will not be transferred to the downloaded file.  For the purposes of clarity some Spreadsheet formulae will not be transferred to the downloaded file.  The User agrees to this arrangement as part of this agreement.  After download the System will continue to be operational via the User’s link.

6. The System does save time when compared with writing reports from scratch but it is important to note that an investment of time is still required from the User.  As familiarity with the system increases and once comments have been defined after the first use the amount of time saved will increase year on year.  All quoted time saving percentages are estimates based on experience but are not guaranteed.  Depending on the level of familiarity with the system and how much the comments are tweaked or redefined from one year to the next the amount of time saved may be less than estimates or it may be greater than estimates.

7. The System does not produce reports that are completely unique in every way from one student to the next.  All reports will be accurate, specific to the student and consistent among the cohort the User is reporting on as long as the User consistently applies consistent levels to students on the Input Table

8. The number of students that can be used per spreadsheet is limited (35 students is the maximum number).  In order to write reports for more than 35 students the User can copy User Content into an Excel (or other) spreadsheet stored on the User’s own computer (or other storage systems which User has control over) and keep one spreadsheet per group.

9. The number of subjects and the number of comments per subject is limited (the maximums are 10 and 7 respectively).  That does however give enough room for making precise comments about a wide range of areas of learning.

10. The number of levels available to allocate to each topic is limited (maximum number is 6).  It is still possible to give a range of reasonably nuanced levels within that limit should the User want to.  Most teachers however will probably stick with some standard levels such as outstanding, good, satisfactory, and unsatisfactory.

11. There is no guarantee that a Mail Merge will be successful.  The reason for this is that issues sometimes arise that affect Mail Merge that are the fault of Microsoft Office and not the System.  The User is responsible for setting up a Mail Merge.  This includes setting up a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet as the database by copying the User content from the Copy From Here worksheet into it and setting up a report proforma as a Mail Merge document in Microsoft Word.  The latter may require the User to produce a duplicate version from scratch as often report proformas produced by institutions do not support Mail Merge.

12. From time to time updates to the spreadsheet will be made available.  The User is free to choose whether to update or not.  If the User does choose to update five working days will be given after the update is made available for the User to transfer User Content from the previous version of the System to the updated version.
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