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A paragraph or three about me

I've been teaching physics full-time in a sixth form college for five years now. I'd like to introduce you to a project I've been working on for four-to-five years. The aim? To help teachers write consistent and unique reports on students quickly and with as little stress as possible. I have developed a spreadsheet to do just that. When I say that this spreadsheet for reports works I say it as a teacher; not a manager or IT consultant.

My education background is aerospace engineering. This instilled in me a desire to solve problems and helped me develop a good knowledge of spreadsheet design. I have six years teaching experience at a sixth form college (including my PGCE(PC) year). Since becoming a teacher I have used spreadsheets extensively, often designing new spreadsheets to meet a particular admin or teaching need, in other cases I have enhanced existing spreadsheets to make them more efficient and user friendly.

In addition to my competency with spreadsheets I have a proven record of introducing into teaching and learning new ICT ideas that work! My philosophy in this regard is to take technology that has a proven track record and adapt it into an education context. The aim is always to truly enhance learning and to make a teacher's job easier and more efficient. Some specific examples of technology that I have used with my students and colleagues are shown on this page: Other ICT Ideas.

The blog I occasionally post to and which hosts a more in depth biography is available here.

In December 2013 I published two physics revision textbooks to iBooks:

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